Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Suggestions

To continue from yesterday, I'm pretty disappointed that Kindle Unlimited doesn't have any mainstream or popular books available. Besides for Harry Potter, all the books people suggested aren't on Kindle Unlimited.

  • Agatha Christie books. I liked the Agatha Christie games well enough, but for some reason, I just can't seem to get into the books. I've checked out one or two of her books from the library, and I ended up reading barely anything and letting the book just sit on my desk until I had to return it. I dunno. I know she's a good author, but her books come across as a tad too British for my tastes, and I'm also not a fan of how every book has a big "twist" ending. That comes across as gimmicky to me. Then again, maybe that's just the games, and the books do a better job with the twists. Sort of like Phoenix Wright? The twists make sense in context and work well, but if you explain them to an outsider, it ends up sounding ridiculous.
  • The Tale of Desperaux. Oh, yes, Kate DiCamillo is a fantastic children's author, although she came onto the scene past my time. I can add this to the list of books to keep an eye out for.
  • The Alchemyst series. I've honestly never heard of it before.
  • 39 Clues. I liked the second and third 39 Clues series. The first one was merely okay, in my opinion. I tried to start reading the fourth series this year, but I could not get past the first book. I've thought about reviewing them, but they might be too heavily-plotted for it to work well. Each book usually juggles 3-4 completely separate stories that all converge in the end.

Then there's Harry Potter and Series of Unfortunate Events. I can do reviews of them here on this blog, if people want to see that. I don't think I'll do video reviews for them, though. They're so popular, they've been reviewed to death. The same can probably be said for the other books that got suggested, though.


Anonymous said...

have you thought of doing video reviews on the 1970s Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV show? I would love to watch those!

Mary Alvin said...

Sherlock Holmes?

Zach Murrey said...

If you can't get into the agatha Christie books and if you have Netflix. There is a British tv show on on it that I called agatha christie's Poirot. And all of the episodes are based of the Poirot books. Overall the series is amazing and I recommend you watch it.

Anonymous said...

The Series of Unfortunate events has a new tv show starting this week. Maybe you could review that?

also if the TV show does well, maybe there will be renewed interest in the book reviews of that title

tjbernad said...

I would love to eventually hear your comments on the Harry Potter books! Also, the Lost Years of Merlin!