Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Reviews Schedule

A new Nancy Drew book was released this month, which is probably going to throw my review schedule out of whack. Here are the reviews I've currently finished:

  • Boxcar Children 10
  • Boxcar Children 11
  • Nancy Drew Files 39: The Suspect Next Door
  • Nancy Drew Files 40: Shadow of a Doubt
  • River Heights 1
  • River Heights 2
  • Sweet Valley High #14: Deceptions
Any preferences as to which reviews I should post first? I'm guessing people want to see the new Nancy Drew book review as soon as possible.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a review series for the Nancy Drew graphic novels, just because I've been able to make it through the Hardy Boys graphic novels. But I dunno. I'm reviewing, like, five different series at once now. Maybe I should hold off on doing more.

As a followup to Wednesday's blog post, there were some excellent suggestions as to what books I should/could read, but I'm afraid that 98% of the content on Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's self-published books. Blech. I think I'm mostly going to use it, to read the Sweet Valley High series. Again, blech. The one book I read was REALLY TERRIBLE.


Anonymous said...

There is new Nancy Drew comic releasing in March that is darker and more Femme Fatale, Hope you will be able to review it!

Anonymous said...

Everything Wrong with Arglefumph's Everything Wrong with Nancy Drew:

1. Bad Spelling.
2. Arglefumph never uses viewer suggestions even though he always asks for viewer suggestions.

Sentence: Spell check.

Mabel said...

Everything wrong with the above comment:

1. Anonymous
2. Spelling nazi
3. Unreasonable expectations

Sentence: Party pooper