Thursday, December 1, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. I did the math on my YouTube results so far this year. It looks like I made $38.36 more on YouTube in 2016 than I did in 2015. That means 2016 is the first year ever where I made more YouTube money than the previous year! Hooray! Granted, it's not a huge increase of profit, but it's still impressive, considering there wasn't a big Nancy Drew game release to bring in a lot of views, like every other year of Arglefumph's existence.

...I'm still making nowhere near full-time minimum wage, though, so I can't quit my day job. Shoot.

2. In terms of view counts, my current estimate for the year is 5,046,046, about 97% of last year's 5,172,184 views. Again, I'm sure a new Nancy Drew game release would have tipped me over last year's performance. Maybe. Checking my blind playthrough of Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness , it looks like each video got around 3,000 views for the year. 25 times 3,000 equals 75,000...which isn't enough to cover the gap.

3. Last year, my expenses were $3,414.09, and this year, my expenses were $1,905.59. (10% of all my YouTube money goes directly to my network.) Mostly, I saved money by spending way less on books for book reviews this year. So if we're talking net profit, then I made a lot more money on YouTube this year. Hooray!

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