Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Day

We had a snow day! It snowed about 1-2 inches in Portland on Wednesday, and 2-3 inches in the outside areas. This snowstorm completely shut down the entire city.

(Pauses a few moments so people on the East Coast can finish laughing.)

All the train lines shut down, and it took me five and a half hours to get home. Problem #1 was that my bus home got trapped outside of the city, with a lot of other buses. Problem #2 was that the highways got shut down. Like, people just parked their cars and walked away, because they couldn't drive. So we had one-lane highways, at most.

Katie and I both got home around 10 PM, so Mary had an involuntary sleepover at a friend's house that night. The good news is that Katie did NOT have an involuntary winter bus baby. The bad news is that school got cancelled, but work didn't. That's always a fun situation.

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