Thursday, December 8, 2016

Recording Detective Barbie 3

I mentioned Detective Barbie 3 the other day, because I'm doing a walkthrough for it. Recording this game has been a pig and a half, I assure you! I normally use a Hauppauge PVR to record console games, but this game doesn't cooperate with the Hauppague's HD input. Maybe because it's a PS1 game, being played on a PS2.

So I have to use the old-fashioned red-yellow-white cables to output the game, and I think the problem is that I've got old cables which don't work so well anymore. They can't go a full minute without dropping the signal at least once. For whatever reason, when I actively record with the Hauppauge, the cables drop the signal about 25% more often.

When the signal drops, my TV turns black and says "no signal", while the recorded footage just drops those frames. Syncing up audio and video just plain doesn't work, because the video ends up being a lot shorter than the audio.'s my ridiculous workaround!

For the audio, I turn up the TV volume to the maximum and shout over it, to do commentary. For the video, I record the Hauppauge's preview box. I don't actually record with the Hauppauge. So the final video will end up being pretty jumpy with a lot of dropped frames, but no blackscreen. It's the best I can do.

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