Monday, December 5, 2016

Francy Droo Three

Fans of the Francy Droo videogame that I wrote--buy it today!--will be glad to know that the sequel has been mostly finished! The next step is reviewing the game and testing it. On my end, the next step is playing through the whole thing and taking note of everything I'd like to tweak or change. ("That comma looks weird. Let's get rid of it.")

Actually releasing the game is a complicated matter that I won't get into right now.

I have vague plans for a third Francy Droo game. When I first pitched the concept years ago, I wrote three different sample mysteries. I turned the first two samples into actual games, so why not the third one? I call it Francy Droo and the Speed Dating Sham. I think that's a cool name.

The general idea is that Francy and her friend Katie go speed dating. Francy meets a guy named Frank Harvey, who is also an amateur detective. Frank brags / tells Francy about a case he just solved. Frank would be the only guy at speed dating who's memorable. The other guys would be bland palette swaps of each other, and the speed dating event unexpectedly gets cancelled partway through.

You get to chose which guys you want to meet again. No matter what option you pick, Frank Harvey reappears and enlists Francy's help in solving the mystery of why they called off the speed dating event, with no warning or explanation. That's as much as I've got right now.

I kind of had the idea that maybe Frank solved two cases recently, one being a brief parody of Nancy Drew #1, and the other being a brief parody of Nancy Drew #3. You can hear about one at speed dating, and the other at the second scene with Frank. Is that what people want to see from these games? Or would it be better for Francy to solve her own, unique mysteries? I feel like this might be a nice compromise, in that you get a brief scene with a more direct parody, but the real mystery is its own thing.

(I have no idea how I would parody those two Nancy Drew games, by the way, so the entire idea might bet scrapped.)

(Also, I checked my original pitch for the game. It says "Francy has an older sister" and "Katie has a tomboy cousin named Henry". I guess those were subplots I was thinking about when I wrote the pitch?)

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