Friday, December 2, 2016

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Suggestions

I'm now taking suggestions for things to include in "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel"! I went through my playthrough of the game and wrote down everything I could think of, but you people online always catch a few good problems that I missed!


Anonymous said...

barnacle blast increases game play time by 50% That was the hardest mini game !

Anonymous said...

Why does Nancy mention the security guard's name in her opening letter? Is Ned going to care what the guy's name is?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, it was never explained who sent you the key to the workshop. The note just says "From a friend." That ALWAYS bugged me, 'cause I wasn't sure who it came from!

P.S. Love your videos and blog! :D

Anonymous said...

How did Elliot get into the secret workshop? He obviously didn't have the password from Miles and the blue thing in the haunted house wasn't working til Nancy fixed it.

Anonymous said...

How did the entry door slam shut by itself when the culprit appears during the ending sequence?

Anonymous said...

They never explain why Joy's mother is a young Blythe Danner (Gwyneth Paltrow's mother). Meaning Joy and Gwyneth are sisters?

Anonymous said...

How can Captain's Cove be a popular park? There are only four rides.

Anonymous said...

Did Nancy really think that Paula wouldn't know about Harlan's past? I mean, surely Paula was competent enough to run background checks.

Speaking of Harlan, do parole officers normally give their clients' info out to random strangers?

Why is the parole officer's receptionist so obviously a man doing a female voice? (You pointed this out in your walkthrough.)

Why did Paula let the main carousel employee go out of state on vacation when the carousel has been acting up?

Why does Nancy keep saying "here comes the brass ring" after she's already grabbed it?

Why is it SO EASY to die trying to grab the ring?

Why don't more of the death sequences actually *kill* Nancy instead of forcing us to sit through those endless phone calls from Paula?

How did Joy's parents buy the carousel horse and never notice that something was making noise inside it?


tjbernad said...

The "roller coaster" is actually more of a dark ride (similar to the haunted house) in roller coaster classification terms as each train is individually powered rather than fully relying on gravity.
How does an artist (or master forgerer) know enough about engineering to rig up a remote control on the carousel?

HyperTT said...

How if you do not look for the pliers and you ask Ingred for Spook 10's arm that she gives it to you but she also gives you the "lost" pliers.

OneHundredPercentAus said...

I've got a few:

- The game gives you no reason to ride the carousel until near the end and doesn't indicate that you need to.

- Somehow leaving the iron on burns down the entire hotel in a matter of seconds.

- Nancy's computer is largely pointless in this game.

- Why on earth does the game allow you to order extra food?

- The icecream comes with the souvenir spoon and ANOTHER spoon.

- If the girl's description of the icecream as "2480 calories" is correct, Nancy is basically eating a heart attack. (as is Joy)

- Miles's third puzzle makes zero sense and you also cannot tell Joy that you've solved the last puzzle.

- The game gives no explanation for the porcelain blowfish that falls from the ceiling or how anyone gets there.

- No indication of how the wire puzzle works (the one to fix the rollercoaster) as demonstrated by you.

- How did Elliott get Anton Sukov's number in the first place?

- Why does the carousel have both a band organ AND a CD option? (Someone more versed in this than me can explain perhaps?) Also why does the CD not have the same tune as the organ? (I do find it cool though that you can ride the carousel with the band organ still playing)

- Apparently asking Miles a question drains his battery, but later on Miles answers random questions with no battery drain. There's also no indication of how he was fixed between his power drain and when he blabs that Nancy spied.

- Eliott just stands there for no reason near the trapdoor O_o.

- The haunted house has no cars and the spook is just weird.