Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pizza Job

Yesterday was my last day as a pizza delivery driver. I suppose it's only appropriate that I ended my job at the pizza place on a four-day Halloween weekend. Halloween is the busiest time of the year for pizza! In my mind, Halloween = candy, but I guess in other people's minds, Halloween = pizza.

Friday wasn't as bad as I expected. It was more or less a normal Friday, just a little busier. Maybe 20% busier? The problem is that the high school ordered 50 extra-large pizzas, and another party ordered 6. So that is 56 extra-large pizzas, all at the same time. That created a huge bottleneck of 45 to 60 minutes, where the store only did two orders. Everything else got delayed.

Meanwhile, the website still gave customers the standard "we'll have your order done in 20 minutes!" message. A lot of people complained about that. I think the person at the front cashier wants to strangle the webmaster now.

Most of the other drivers tried to set things up, so they could take multiple deliveries on the same trip. I decided not to play that game, and I just took whatever pizzas were available. I ended up taking nothing but singles that night. The closest I would have come to a double is "wait seven extra minutes for them to make a pizza, which is four minutes out the way of the one I'm already delivering", and while it would have been a nice double, that would have made both orders late. I also made a point of calling everyone, right before I left to deliver their pizza, and I was liberal with the "sorry your pizza is ridiculously late" discounts.

Saturday was busy, but it went fine, except for the part where the computer glitched or something, and it refused to let me take any deliveries. There were four different deliveries ready, and I tried every single one in turn. The computer didn't accept it. I tried to get one of the manager/supervisor people to help me out, but they were too busy. After five minutes, I still didn't know what was wrong, but a new delivery came out in the meantime, and the computer accepted that. So I ended up leapfrogging deliveries 1-4, and taking delivery 5. My apologies to everyone who got skipped over unfairly and ended up receiving late(r) pizzas.

I didn't work Sunday, but apparently, it was a disaster. A supervisor left work two hours early without telling anyone, nobody did any prep work for the big (50+ people) party that ordered everything a week in advance, and they disconnected the phone lines because they didn't want to take any more orders. I'm pretty sure someone is getting fired over this.

On Halloween proper, I had the opening shift. The first hour and a half was spent doing things that the closing crew didn't do, like take out the trash, wipe down the tables and fill all the empty food containers. I expected them to be pretty low on food supplies, so it wasn't a surprise or anything. Smart people sent in their Halloween orders early, so I made their pizzas and put them in the fridge. That way, all the night crew had to do was take them out and put them through the oven. I hope that means they got their pizzas on time!

And that's it! No more pizza making for me!

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Anonymous said...

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