Sunday, November 20, 2016

More Baby Q and A

Okay, I'm finished reviewing The Eight Strokes of the Clock. I did that week of reviews, partially because I knew I'd be super-busy with my new job, and partially to avoid talking about the election of President Trump. Now that I'm done, let's get back to more Q and A's about the baby!

I read baby powder is very dangerous to your health, what do they recommend to use instead?

Our instructor at the childcare class said that baby powder can be dangerous, simply because it's small particles in the air, around someone whose lungs aren't fully developed yet. Baby powder isn't medically necessary; it's just a cosmetic that makes the baby smell better. Helpful, but not required. We got some baby powder in the baby shower, so we'll probably use it a little, but we won't go out and buy a new one once we're out.

(Several comments about sleeping with the baby. People confirmed that the general recommended practice is to have the baby close to your bed, but in its own separate bed.)

We haven't decided the sleeping system yet. Katie is thinking about moving the crib next to the couch-bed and sleeping there, but I think that's unfair to her. She says some couples do it, where the male is the one who has to get up and bring the baby to the mother for nighttime feedings, but that's unfair to the male.

My daughter just outgrew the car seat that goes with that system and now getting her in and out of the car is a struggle. Did you guys get a baby swing?

We were given three baby swings. I have no idea what to do with them.

Do you sometimes get recognized in public as the Nancy Drew Guy or the guy from the internet?


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Ashton Smith said...

I don't know if you want to hear other arrangements, but what we did is a bit different from what I've heard other people do. Since my husband is the one who works, I got up and did the weekday feedings and he would do the Friday and Saturday feedings so I could sleep a bit. I slept in the spare room with the baby in a pack n play next to us (we had 2 somehow and didn't get a crib until 4 months).
My mom and dad (I think my sister and her husband did this too). My mom would do the "7pm feeding" and then go straight to bed. By the time the next feeding rolled around, my dad was home from work and took care of the next feeding. With that method, my mom would get 5ish hours straight of sleep.