Monday, November 28, 2016

Missing Nancy Drew Games Clips

Recently, I posted the alternate ending to the third Nancy Drew game! It's more or less the same as the normal ending, except the culprit says something different. The audio files for both endings are in the game's audio folder.

Someone asked on this blog if I'm going to look for other missing Nancy Drew game clips. I have kind of found one! At the end of Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Nancy confronts the culprit. Her only dialogue option at this point is "Why are you doing this?".

It seems that, originally, Nancy had two dialogue options here. I can't find what the second option is, but I found the culprit's response! The culprit says, "Must you be so crass? To me, it's a psychic thing--a state of oneness, if you will, with the laws of supply and demand." I wonder what Nancy said, to cause this response. I guess I'll have to search through the game's audio files some more. Maybe I can even make a video of it! Although it wouldn't be a video, it'd just be audio clips. Hmmm.

Are there any other "missing" Nancy Drew game clips that I should be looking for? I know there is an alternate take of one of Miwako's lines in Shadow at the Water's Edge, but it's literally just that: her saying the exact same line, with a slightly different cadence. I'm not sure if that's worth making a video for.

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