Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Miss Clue: Trials of Salem

For Halloween, they release the first chapter of Miss Clue: Trials of Salem.

Like Peril in Pemberley, it's a historical mystery. I agree with one commenter on my YouTube channel who said they should stick to the historical mysteries which take place hundreds of years ago. Whoever does their historical research is really good! And also, it makes them seem like a unique series, rather than a cheap Nancy Drew knockoff. (Although now it seems a bit more like a Nancy Drew knockoff, since the voice actress of Nancy Drew is voicing half the characters in this particular game.)

I don't know why they split the chapter into two parts. It's not a logical stopping point. They cut off, right before the only puzzle of the chapter. It's about 80% of the way through. My guess is that they weren't able to finish in time, so they split it up. That usually seems to be the most reasonable explanation, when it comes to this series and its chapters with abrupt endings.

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