Saturday, November 12, 2016

Car Cleaning

We're in preparation mode, for the pregnancy. We've got our emergency hospital trip bags all ready and packed, and we assembled the big ticket items, like the bassinet and the changing table, which might be the same thing as a bassinet, I don't know, they look the same to me, but I already told Mom it was a changing table so I can't go back now.

This weekend was car prep! I got to clean out my car for the first time since I took the pizza delivery job! (It still smells like pizza.) It was surprising how many pens were hidden under the seats of the car.

Katie said we should go to the car wash, which is something I've never done before, ever. The people there were amused by how I had no idea what was going on. They made hand signals, telling me what to do, but I couldn't understand. I had to roll down the window and ask. It turns out that you have to line up your left wheel with a track and put the car into neutral. Those are definitely hand signals I don't know off the top of my head!

Going through the actual car wash was, um, terrifying. Your car is moving, and all you can see are big monster shadows attacking the car. Are you supposed to have your windshield wipers on, so you can see? I'm guessing you don't. Anyway, the car was ended up looking nice, the vacuuming went very badly, and it took a long time to clean off all the leftover spots (like the ones in between the doors that you can't reach unless the doors are open). But the car is clean, and the baby's carseat is installed!

My car is now the "official" car, since its carseat latch system is more complex and secure. I know that "carseat" isn't the correct term here, because it's more like a base, with a removable baby basket. That way, buckling and unbuckling the baby isn't so much of a hassle. "Basket" isn't the correct term either. Phooey. It's going to be hard to memorize all this new vocabulary.


Ashton Smith said...

I loved that system. My daughter just outgrew the car seat that goes with that system and now getting her in and out of the car is a struggle. Did you guys get a baby swing?

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