Thursday, November 10, 2016

Baby Questions

I got some questions about the baby!

Do you agree with what the American Academy of Pediatrics said about having the baby sleep with you in your room for the first year to reduce SIDS and other sleep relating deaths among babies?

My state's doctors say the opposite; they say that the baby needs to sleep near us, but not in the bed with us. The woman who taught the class said the Notre Dame Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory is an interesting resource on the subject.

Personally, I wouldn't want the baby sleeping in our bed, because I'd be afraid of rolling over and crushing her. My wife and I sometimes move around a lot at night, because we have problems with insomnia. A lot of people tell me, "Ha ha, enjoy your sleep now while you can!", but that's impossible. I haven't slept through the entire night so far this month. I can't enjoy something I don't have.

What are you most excited about and most nervous about?

I am most excited to see Rosie and interact with her. At this point, I've been talking to and about her for so long. I just want to see what she looks like! I wonder what color hair she has! As for most nervous, I'm worried how the dog and Mary will interact with the baby. Mary, um, is not so good with holding the dog correctly. I'm worried she won't be able to hold Rosie correctly either.

I also have bad daydreams about my wife dying in childbirth, or the baby dying. For whatever reason, these daydreams seem to happen when I'm sitting by myself, alone, at a fast food place. I've broken down crying at Taco Bell and Five Guys. My wife tells me that's 100% normal. (She cries at Taco Bell, too. *rimshot*)


Anonymous said...

Do you sometimes get recognized in public as the Nancy Drew Guy or the guy from the internet?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Melatonin? I struggle with insomnia and have tried a large number of things. It takes a dose with 5 mg for me to be able to sleep. It usually just comes in 3 mg, but we found 5 mg at Walmart and I've been sleeping pretty well

Stripes said...

It's natural to be worried, but try not to imagine what could go wrong. If you find yourself thinking about it, try to put your mind onto something nice, that grabs your attention instead.

Anonymous said...

Just for reference, the new guidelines call for putting the baby's bed in your room for the first six months, not putting the baby in your bed.
Co-sleeping is connsidered one of the highest risks for SIDS, mostly becaise of the dangers you mentioned above.

Jaden said...

Regarding the baby bed placement, you could do what my parents did and have a separate cot next to the bed with the side closest to the bed down so it's like an extension. That way the baby is close to you but doing her own separate thing. :) It might make moving her into her own bed/complete cot too later as a result, as it's not a completely sudden change.