Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baby Birth Plan

Our plan for the baby birth is simple, as least as far as hospital instructions go. We don't want a water birth. We want an epidural, and if there's an episiotomy, we want the blood cleaned off the baby before they give it to us.

When I first heard "episiotomy", I was super-psyched, because I rarely get a chance to activate my "2008 Greek/Latin Valedictorian" mode. "Epi" is a place pronoun, meaning "on top of" or "on the side". "Sio" means...uh...I'd have to look it up. "Tomos" means "cut", and uh oh. That doesn't sound good. A word with "cut" in the definition that deals with blood in childbirth. That doesn't sound good at all.

As for the rest of the birth plan, well...we had to make a few plans, depending on the scenario. (Will I be home? Will I be at work? Will it be an unexpectedly early birth, when Katie is still at work? Will it last many hours, or will it be a short labor?) In general, if I'm not there, Katie will ask someone else to take her to the hospital. The list of people to ask includes grandparents, neighbors, friends, etc. If all of them can't help, and I can't help either, then Katie is stuck taking the bus or walking to the hospital. She can walk there in under an hour, but still. We don't want that to happen.

There is a designated person, whose only job is to come collect Mary and watch her. If that person can't make it...then Mary gets promoted to Katie's full assistant and comes along to the hospital. Mary is probably going to insist on helping to carry the hospital stay bags, which is fine. She can do that and keep busy.

The best possible scenario is Katie going into labor, right when my shift ends, on Friday of a three-day weekend. Christmas and New Year's are both three-day weekends, so it's possible! And that way, I don't have to take any time off of work.

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