Thursday, October 6, 2016

VP Debate (Part 2)

Some Catholics were excited about the Vice-President debate, since both Kaine and Pence were raised as Catholics. I, at least, was hoping Catholicism would not come up in the debate, because both candidates disagree with the Catholic Church on various issues.  Talking about that would almost certainly lead to awkward conversations.

Alas, the question of faith did come up at the debate.

Kaine responded to the question by talking about the death penalty. Both candidates publicly support it, although Kaine says he privately opposes it. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, publicly opposes the death penalty. So right off the bat, the conversation about faith went into the awkward "Catholics who disagree with the Church" area.

From there, the conversation moved to abortion. Both candidates quoted the Bible to support their views, but from what I can tell, it was the standard political discussion on abortion. That is, the Democrat gave the standard Democrat response, and the Republican gave the standard Republican response. The political commentators and people on the Internet also gave their typical responses, with the Democratic commentators saying "Republicans are evil monsters who hate women" and the Republicans saying "Democrats are evil monsters who hate babies". Nobody had anything new or interesting to say on the topic of abortion, it seems. It's like the conversation would have gone exactly the same way, no matter who the VP candidates were.

So all in all, the question of faith ended up being more a periphery item mentioned in passing, rather than a central part of the debate. And I guess that's for the best, because now the Catholic Church doesn't have to do damage control and give long "well, this is what the Church actually teaches" lectures.

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