Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vice-Presidential Debate

Yesterday was the Vice-Presidential debate! I didn't watch it, because I was too busy snagging a world record speedrun for Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand. In other words, I won the debate.

I did check out what my friends had to say about the debate! There were three main reactions.

  • My friends made bad puns, based on the candidates' names. I should have seen this coming.
  • My friends complained about the way the candidates interrupted each other and the moderator. That's pretty standard in debates, but I guess it was extra-bad this time.
  • My friends are sad that Trump and Clinton are the Presidential candidates, instead of Kaine and Pence. It seems their debate was more civil, detailed and informative. In fact, one person said that Kaine's biggest weakness is that he has to defend Clinton, while Pence's biggest weakness is that he has to defend Trump. So I guess if they were running solo, there'd be less scandal and mudslinging.
I like how everyone agrees that the debate was more civil, even though it had more interruptions.

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