Thursday, October 13, 2016

Three Things Thursday

1. The Ancient Greek word for "spit out" is "eptousa". It contains the same "ptoo" sound that our English word, "ptooey" does. I think that's neat.

2. YouTube work has been pretty spordaic recently, because Phoenix Wright takes so long to edit and upload and get set up. There are two reasons why it takes so long. First, they are big files, about 1.5 GB per video. That's because my iPad automatically records at 1080P, the highest resolution it can get. Second, the 3DS screen doesn't match the iPad screen, so I have to crop every single video separately. Both of those things double the amount of time I have to put into the editing process.

3. The pizza delivery job has been crazy lately, mainly because over half the employees left when school started up again. I'm one of the few people who can work during the daytime, so the boss has assigned me pretty much every weekday. I could probably use a day or two off, just to get caught up with YouTube work. It'd be nice if I could, you know, actually start the next Everything Wrong With video!

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Tracy said...

What type of Nintendo 3DS do you have. I know that there are certain models that have a port to allow screen capturing on it, but I do not know which one that is. I want to get one too. :D