Monday, October 10, 2016

Presidential Debate

I saw the Presidential debate on Sunday. Three seconds after I tuned in, there was an insult. The insults continued, more or less nonstop, for the rest of the debate. For the sake of my sanity, I treated the debate as some kind of weird performance that everyone was doing live Twitter commentary for.

Here are various thoughts I had.
  • The candidates were allowed to walk around during the debate, which was kind of strange. They kept circling each other, like the moderators were going to lower the steel cage at one point, and they needed to get into a good position.
  • Both candidates promised to set up a special prosecutor, to have the other candidate arrested. Miles Edgeworth could not be reached for comment. Some of my friends are shocked that a President would abuse their power to go after political opponents. They must never have heard of Richard Nixon, and they must not know that both Clinton and Trump been known to hold grudges.
  • They talked about taxes. In general, it sounds phony when millionarie politicians, who are funded by billionaire corporations, talk about taxes on the rich. I highly doubt they'll raise their own taxes or bite the hand that feeds them. In this specific case, Trump has the Trump Foundation and Clinton has the Clinton Foundation. They are both using a charitable foundation to lower their tax rate. I don't think either candidate has the moral ground to declaim tax avoidance.
  • Historically speaking, the President hates the Supreme Court, because the Supreme Court places checks and balances on the President, and the Supreme Court doesn't vote along party lines. (Example: The Supreme Court with five Republicans approving gay marriage last year.) Both candidates argued that they'll nominate a justice from their party, who will totally go along with whatever they want, and who will be accepted by Congress without any opposition. Yeah, good luck with that one, guys.
  • Both candidates interrupted each other and the moderator, with great frequency.
  • The best part was the ending. The final question was if there is anything positive they can say about each other. It didn't make up for 90 minutes of insults, coming after a year of insults, but it was still nice.

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