Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Phone Upgrade

According to my calendar, it is time for a phone upgrade! What's the coolest new phone out there? What kind of phone should I get? My neighbor mentioned something about phone companies doing sneaky data charges this year. I should try to look out for that.

Post your phone advice here as a comment, and I'll take it into consideration while getting a phone!

...Or maybe it'll be like last time, where the phone company says that I'm locked into my parent's plan for life, and my parents just used my free phone upgrade on themselves. I hope that's not the case!

I looked into getting on my wife's phone plan at one point, but she's ALSO locked into her parent's plan for life. Kind of. The plan gives her family gives unlimited data for life; they locked into the plan years ago, before iPhones were a thing. There is no way they're changing that plan or getting off it now!


Miles of Smiles said...

You should get an Iphone! They are pretty cool and good phones!

Anonymous said...

If you like a phone with good security and app store than either iPhone or Android (Apple has a better security of the two). I have a TracFone and the quality is not that good but I only use it for talking or texting. I tried to install Pokemon go on it and it would not work. If you get one that is 4g it will have better internet.

tjbernad said...

If you are interested in going Android, Samsung Galaxy is the flagship phone, much like the standard iPhone for Apple. I always make sure to stay with the flagship phones because you can almost guarantee that if something goes wrong, you'll be able to fix it since there are the most consumers of that product.

Paul Franzen said...

UNLIMITED DATA FOR LIFE??? Can I get on Katie's parents' plan, too??

Anonymous said...

the new iphone just came out. also they have a new deal where you pay like 30$ a month instead of buying all at once, and then you get a new phone every year. i find iphone so much better than android