Friday, October 7, 2016

Phone Update

Ugh, bad news about upgrading my phone. The person at Verizon said he couldn't upgrade my phone. He couldn't even confirm or deny that my phone was eligible for an upgrade. I gave him the right phone number and address and everything, but he said the system wasn't giving him access to the account. So...either the phone doesn't really exist, or Dad put high restrictions on the account when he set it up 20+ years ago.

I guess this is a security measure, in case someone steals a phone, they can't just walk into the store and get a free upgrade. But still. I have my phone and ID right here; that should be enough to let me do something with my phone at the phone store.

The employee said that he can help, only if I get the account owner into the store. I guess that means I'm stuck, because I'm not about to fly Dad all the way up here, to get a new phone.

(I am going to be so mad, if it turns out the guy just typed in the wrong number, when searching their records.)


Anonymous said...

The comment I am going to leave has nothing to do with what your post was about today. Michael, I read your commentary about Trump's speech at the RNC and I felt that you didn't give Trump a fair shake. Trump did talk about religious liberty
and repealing the Johnson amendment, which will stop the forced silence on churches about who to vote for.

I also read the following article, which put in a very clear way how important it is to vote to protect our Christian values.
Here it is:

And here is another site from Priests for Life about voting, too:
That site compares the Republican and Democratic party platforms. When you look, the difference between them is night and day, especially on abortion. Also if you were looking for the Catholic faith in the VP debate, then you should know that being pro-life is a must for the Catholic faith. Also voting pro-life is a part of that. Hope you read the articles.

P.S. It is insulting to assume that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are just pro-life, because they are Reublicans. And Mrs. Clinton said, "The unborn person has no rights." Well, the unborn are people and we should not turn away when they are being murdered. It is a big injustice. God bless!

Michael Gray said...

I purposely avoided going into much detail about abortion, but I may write a blog entry about the election, which talks more about the Catholic perspective. I will almost certainly quote the US Bishops' document.