Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Cardinals

Pope Francis announced the next group of men who will be Cardinals. The list contains seven men from countries that don't currently have Cardinals, including three countries (Bangladesh, Central African Republic and Papua New Guinea) that have never had Cardinals before, ever.

Three Cardinals are from the United States. One is Archbishop Cupich of Chicago, who is often called a Pope Francis Bishop. Cupich has been on the fast track for promotion since 2014; he got to go to the 2015 Synod of Bishops, and he's now on Congregation of Bishops (i.e. he's one of the top dogs who helps pick out new Bishops).

One is Archbishop Tobin of Indianapolis. I don't know much about him. He spent ten years as the Superior General of the Redemptorists, and worked in the Roman Curia for two years.

The third Bishop Farrell of Dallas. Since August, he's been working in the Roman Curia, as prefect of one of the new offices that Pope Francis opened (the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life).

Traditionally, Cardinals are tied to the biggest, most important cities in the United States, like New York and Washington, DC. Chicago has normally had a Cardinal, but Dallas and Indianapolis have not. The two main cities in the United States which have traditionally had Cardinals, but currently don't, are Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The retired Cardinals attached to those cities are still alive, although they're too old to vote in the next Papal Election.

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