Monday, October 17, 2016

Nancy Drew: Midnight In Salem - Update

Her Interactive released a letter recently, giving us a status update on their next Nancy Drew game. They say that they are "not in a position to confirm a launch date for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem" yet, since they have not made as much progress as they originally expected.

Obviously, as soon as they can announce a launch date, they will. There wouldn't be much reason for them to keep the launch of the game a secret.

The website for the game has been updated as well, with this story description:

After Frances Tuttle, the last direct descendant of infamous Salem witch trial judge John Hathorne, passes away at age 102, his home, the Hathorne House, becomes city property. The mayor is currently in the process of deciding which candidate among our suspects is fit to manage the estate as a new tourist attraction, protected as a National Historic Place and has named Steven Danforth as the judge. On the night of October 21st, Steven’s young son Jason is found locked inside the upstairs library of the Hathorne House, with the room engulfed in flames. The child is rescued by the police, who discover upon entering, that the room is totally locked from the inside! Not only that, but the boy has no memory of who brought him to the room, or how he got in there – only reporting terrible visions of a “vile ghostly woman” with glowing eyes who spoke to him from within the fireplace flames. Earlier that evening, the police were tipped off by locals, who witnessed the boy dancing through the streets as though he was “bewitched.” As a result of her unique appearance and the town’s allegations, Mei Parris finds herself accused of witchcraft.

Sounds like a locked room murder mystery to me!


Anonymous said...

Apparently the game description was written by Katie Chironis before she left the company, and she tweeted a few times about Her Interactive putting this up on their product page when it was considered to be a rough draft.

She tweeted as follows:

tfw your old company is releasing text you wrote purely for the internal wiki as PR copy for a game's promotion... sigh

And then:

it's frustrating bc if I didn't have a noncompete signed, I'd offer to edit that stuff for free just to have it be, like, good.

To summarize, Katie was less than thrilled. I am not sure why Her Interactive didn't bother to edit/rewrite before they put MID on their product page. Their having done so seems kind of sloppy to me and makes me think they put MID on their product page just so as to appease their unhappy fan base rather than that the game release is anytime soon (or even in the next several months).


When is the release date for the game




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