Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Speedrun

Since I played Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake recently, I figured I might as well look into speedrunning it. Let's see what the current world record run is like...

Hey, it looks like it's based on those speedrun notes I talked about yesterday! Neat.

This game is very linear and straightforward. There are no real tricks or timesavers in the game, besides for skipping the optional "test water in the well / Roman numerals" puzzle. Other than that, the speedrun is mainly doing all the puzzles in order.

You start by setting up all the Red Knott stuff at the start of the game, before you use the boat for the first time. So that means you switch to daytime and check the boat to learn you need a sparkplug. Then you switch to night and meet Red. After the ghost dogs scene, you ask Red for the sparkplug. He gives you the task of getting bird pictures. You have to switch to daytime, fail to get a bird's picture, then switch back to nighttime and tell Red that you scared some birds. He will tell you to get cameo gear from Emily. That's all the Red Knott stuff at the start.

So then you go to Emily. You ask her for cameo gear, and she forces you to do the dozen little critters scavenger hunt. You do that for the gear, then you use the gear to take all the bird pictures. Switch to night and talk to Red, and he tells you about the hawk tree. Switch to daytime and take the hawk picture, and get through the ensuing "woodshed on fire" death trap. Finally, you're done with the chores that Red gave you, in exchange for the sparkplug!

While you're doing the big chore run, you'll want to get the three floorboards from the outside area, as well as the sandpaper from Red. You use them to get into the basement, where you find a picture of Vivian Whitmore. Bring the picture to Ranger Akers, so he can identify her. Call her, and she agrees to send you the key to the speakeasy, in exchange for the picture. Ranger Akers will later give you the key.

When you get the key, you can access the speakeasy and the endgame challenges. I'm going to guess that speakeasy key doesn't show up at the ranger station, unless you've gotten all the bird photos, otherwise you could skip a big chunk of the game.


Anonymous said...

How do you visit Emily without the sparkplug? The only way to get to her shop is by the boat, and you need the sparkplug for the boat! I think you meant "camo gear"

Michael Gray said...

No, I think I got it correct. You get the spark plug from Red, then visit him again to learn that you need cameo gear. It saves time if you know about the cameo gear before visiting Emily for the first time, that way you don't have to make a second trip.

Tracy said...

Will it fall under the same category if you use the cheat menu to glitch things into your inventory before the start of the game?

evilclownattack said...

I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure than when I was routing it there was no way to get around taking the bird pictures. It would save a ton of time if you could skip it somehow