Thursday, October 27, 2016

Maternity Leave Job

I got the maternity leave job! Orientation starts on the 14th, so that leaves me about two weeks to make as many videos as possible, before the full-time job kicks in. Fun? Fun!

We're guessing that, once the job starts, I'll get all the details as to when and how long it lasts. Hopefully, we can wrangle it so we don't have to pay full-time childcare for Mary. As in, I'll leave for work after her school starts, and we save lots of money by only having after-school care for her. Maybe?


Ashton Smith said...

You should see if there are any after school programs she can be in. I know some schools have a program called 4 H which met after school and students could enroll in different classes/clubs, which would give you another hour-hour and a half of not having to pay child care

Polonaise said...

Along Ashton's line, my young cousins are in orchestra, which meets twice a week. That school also has an after school library study period.

Is she in Brownies/Scouts? If she makes friends in that or other clubs, you may be able to rotate picking up duty with other parents.