Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Reviews

I picked up the Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers series when I was on vacation. I ended up writing five reviews for the series. I don't think I'll make videos and post them, because I'm in my 1980's book review block of Nancy Drew Files and Baby-Sitters Club, both of which are 100+ book series. They're gonna take a while.

What should I do with the Hardy Boys reviews in the meantime? Post them here? I've got reviews for Books 1-4 and 7. Maybe I should read/review Books 5 and 6 on the sly, just so there isn't a weird gap in my series.

The reviews hover around 1100 words, except the first one, which is extra-long because there's a lot to explain. The book goes out of its way to give the Hardys a parrot, which will appear in the background of every other book for no apparent reason. They never DO anything with the parrot. It's just there.

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