Monday, October 31, 2016

Hardy Boys Graphic Novels

So, I read the first two Hardy Boys graphic novels. I originally was going to ignore them, just like I ignored the Nancy Drew graphic novels, but they sucked me in with a great pitch that promised to explain all the things that were left out of the series. How did the Hardys join ATAC? Why did Aunt Gertrude change her name? Why did the Hardy Girlfriends magically disappear?

The books kind of answer those questions. The girlfriends didn't disappear. Callie left town to study abroad, while Iola left town to be on American Idol. They changed the show's name to avoid copyright issues, but yeah, it's American Idol. I've never read a book where Iola sang before, but I'm willing to accept this explanation for her absence. It certainly makes more sense than "let's pretend she never existed", which is what the Undercover Brothers books do.

As for Aunt Gertrude, there's not much of a story behind her new name. Frank and Joe called her "Aunt Trudy", and the nickname stuck. That's all. I suspect the true story is that the publishers thought "Gertrude" was too old-fashioned, so they got rid of it, like they did with Iola. Iola's name is correct in the book, but the advertisement autocorrected her name to "Lola". Ouch.

As for ATAC, the books totally ignore the story of how the Hardys first joined ATAC. Not good! I want to know how they first got recruited as secret agents. I've been toying with the idea of doing a fanfic, where Nancy Drew is recruited by ATAC, but I don't have anywhere near enough time to fanfic writing anymore.

So the books get a 2 out of 3, in explaining things that were ignored by the main series.

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