Friday, September 23, 2016

Unposted Walkthroughs

Here is the chronological list of video walkthroughs which I have recorded, but not posted yet:

Paper Mario N64 (42 videos)
Awakening 7 (13 videos)
Spy Fox 3: Operation Ozone (10 videos)
Animorphs GCN (2 videos)
Grammar Games (2 videos)
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (74 videos)
Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Nuzlocke
Campfire Legends 2: The Babysitter
Campfire Legends 3: The Last Act
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice - Case 2

Recently, I've been letting Twitter decide which walkthrough I should post next. That is, I have a poll, with the first four games on the list. People vote on which one they want to see. Poor Awakening 7 has been on there since January.

I feel like you blog readers get neglected with the Twitter poll setup, so leave comments on this blog, saying which games you like. I'll adjust the list accordingly. For example, if you're all big fans of The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, I can bump it up to the top. There's no need to let a popular game sit at the bottom of the posting schedule, just because I recorded it later than the others!


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I would like to see Campfire Legends 2: The Babysitter
Campfire Legends 3: The Last Act

Jo said...

A big bump for the Hardy Boys Hidden Theft! :D I love that game

Stripes said...

I would like to see Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc in particular from this list, thanks.

Emily said...

Hardy Boys please!

Miles of Smiles said...

The Hardy Boys and Spirit of Justice Case 2 are awesome! You should put them up soon! Also, Spirit of Justice is an awesome game. If you haven't finished it. you should!

Anonymous said...

is that the hardy boys adventure game? that one please :)

Polonaise said...

Oooh... such choices! The Hardy Boys and Spy Fox would be my preferences. Thanks for all your work!

Polonaise said...
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Pip said...

Some love for Phoenix, please :)

baby bear said...