Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Teams of Our Lady

My wife and I are part of a group called "Teams of Our Lady". It's basically a Catholic marriage support group. We have five couples, and every month we have dinner together. We talk about our highs and our lows from the previous month, followed by some prayer and reflection. It's nice, and after the last meeting, everyone gave us a surprise baby shower! That was a very nice surprise!

There are some ancillary things that Teams members are expected to do, like a monthly sitdown. Each month, Katie and I put an hour aside so we can talk about us, our relationship, how things are going, what's happening with the kids, and so on. It's been very useful and helpful, and besides, sometimes it's nice to get an hour alone with my wife without Mary or the puppy bothering us.

From reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I can tell Harry and his wife do not have a monthly sitdown. In fact, it's clear that they almost never talk about their problems. It was kind of awkward and painful, for me to read Harry and Ginny talk about Harry's problems with his son. Like, this is a conversation they should have had YEARS AGO.

And that's part of the idea behind Teams of Our Lady. They have regular discussions, because it's too easy for something to slip through the cracks and get ignored for months, causing huge problems down the line. Hopefully, unlike Harry Potter, the problem doesn't end up being "our son stole a time machine and tried to change reality forever."

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Andrea said...

Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your group. My parents used to be part of the Teams of Our Lady when I was a kid. They really enjoyed it and got to be pretty good friends with the other couples. They still keep in touch even though some of them have moved away and the group has disbanded. I just got married this summer so I might look into some groups in our area.