Friday, September 2, 2016

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Problems

I'm working on Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand! Any suggestions?

After recently playing the game with my stepdaughter, I think one problem is that the mystery doesn't appear until an hour through the game. Jeez.


Emily said...

The phone issues! Getting this game to progress is a real chore.

Also, SJ appears in this game. They later make him out to be almost a crazy secret agent, but in this game he's really incompetent.

The Red Wolf said...

I remember when i first played the game, I had completed all the chores and couldn't talk to anyone anymore (Henrik had disappeared so I couldn't even talk to him). Afer several hours of not knowing what to do, I went online for a hint which was that I had to go into the garden and leave for someone to fall down the pyramid and for the game to progress. I really think they should have done something else for this to be triggered. I mean why should it matter where Nancy is standing in relation to the person falling down the stairs?

OneHundredPercentAus said...

I can think of a few problems:

- It's very short.
- The glitch with the phone (how if you do certain events out of order, you can't progress through the game)
- The bit at the end when Nancy breaks out of the monolith is very much "What the heck is going on?"
- The audio puzzle.
- The fact that Nancy carries around a piece of paper with CINNABAR on it and doesn't go crazy.
- The pointless phone call at the beginning regarding the packing supplies.

Anonymous said...

I'm rewatching your video walkthrough, but I can only point out this from the intro:
-what is Joanna holding at the beginning of the game? she's obviously not checking any lock.
-there's no visible lock for that display case.
-the conversation between Nancy and Joanna is basically like this:
"Joanna: hi, Nancy!" *Nancy opens her mouth to speak* "Joanna: King Pacal is blah
blah blah...[insert five paragraphs]"
-Why is Joanna checking the lock in a dimly-lit hall!?
-when Joanna says "carvings" she appears to be carrying something heavy off-screen.
what's with joanna's striped shirt? couldn't she wear ANYTHING else?
-what's with the creepy close-up on joanna's face?
hope these help you out! sorry if i couldn't get much dialogue problems.

Lauren Woods said...

We never find out if Henrik fell or was pushed down the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Going back and forth from the monolith to the exhibit cases to get the answers to the quizzes

soooo much reading

Grace Howell said...

Nancy takes both parts of the calendar, making it too heavy to carry if you go any further than you need to. Why didn't she ditch her inventory, since no one else was supposed to be around? Or carry the pieces in two trips?
I ALWAYS take issue with having to enter from the garden on one side to make Henrik fall down the pyramid.
Coatimundi. You have to do so many damn things to be able to trigger getting the answer to THAT puzzle.
Why does Taylor Sinclair run off just at the right moment for Nancy to swap the carving for the cookie? He says he'll be back: "I hope!" But we never find out what triggered that.
We never get to talk to Poppy Dada again! We see some of her art in later games, but she at least thought Nancy's detective work was cool.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the museum have a gift shop?

@Grace: I figured that Taylor was stupid enough to eat a cookie and it had unpleasant side effects. But that's just a guess.