Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quick Book Reviews

1. Nancy Drew Files 38: The Final Scene. I'd say the game is better than the book. The book kind of dragged out a bit, with several scenes that were near identical, and Chapter 12 (of 16), where they introduce a new suspect. It was pretty obvious that this was a fakeout, because the book isn't going to introduce the REAL culprit at the very end. I think the best part was the ending sequence, where there is a SECOND kidnapping.

2. Nancy Drew Files 39: The Suspect Next Door. This book is fantastic! I especially liked the scene with Nancy and Chief McGinnis debating the case. Clearly, they gave this book to their best writer and/or put a lot of time and effort into polishing it, because this book is the starting-off point for the River Heights spinoff series. TV Tropes says that this is a "poorly-disguised pilot", but it's not poorly-done at all.

3. River Heights 1: Love Times Three. I'm only partway through this book, and it feels like it wants to be Sweet Valley High. It's setting up for a big love triangle between Nikki Masters, Brittany Tate and Tim Cooper. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop, when it comes to Nikki, because she isn't aware that she's in a love triangle yet.

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