Sunday, September 4, 2016

Political Question

What happens if one of the Presidential candidates dies, in between now and election day? I can think of three logical replacements.

1. Their vice-president candidate (Kaine or Pence)
2. The runner-up candidate from the primaries (Cruz or Sanders)
3. The highest-ranking member of their party (Ryan or Biden)

I know the VP takes over if the President dies after election day, but what about before election day? What if the candidate dies, after the primaries but before announcing a VP?


Emily said...

There isn't actually a consistent rule.

Basically, the idea is that you would do the convention over to pick a new candidate. But if the candidate dies so close to the election that they don't have time to reprint the ballots, each state has it's own rules about what they will do to handle it., basically mass chaos would ensue.

Paul Franzen said...

...We should've had a really old candidate who dies in Chapter 9 of their pathway in Cat President.

Paul Franzen said...

Oh!! And then you turn yourself into a cat, and take their place! Man, that should've been the super bonus pathway. Or maybe the sequel.

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