Monday, September 19, 2016

My Channel Views

We're coming up on the end of the year, kind of, so I figured I'd do some math with my YouTube channel. I had 352,8797 views from January to August. Divide that by eight, multiply by twelve, and that means I'll have an estimated 5,293,196 views this year, provided things remain steady.

This is super-good news, because last year I had 5,173,034 views. I could have more views this year than I had last year! The last time that happened was 2011. My channel peaked that year, and every single year, the view count has gone down. (That's bad timing for me, because YouTube didn't allow monetization on my channel until 2012.)

I'm kind of amazed that THIS is the year I'm getting more views, because there wasn't a Nancy Drew game released, outside of Codes and Clues. And while that's a fine game, it got about a tenth of the views that I got for Sea of Darkness, the last Nancy Drew game.

Sadly, the 2% increase in views isn't leading to an increased paycheck. It looks like I'll be making 96% of what I got last year.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Which videos are getting you views? Is Miss Clue filling the ND gap?

Emily said...

Sort of relevant: Amazon needs people for the holiday season. You could work from home and keep watching Mary.

Kellie Lehse said...

I tend to watch all your nancy drew videos. some are the arglefumph talks or your first walk though. they help me fall asleep.