Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Midnight in Salem Pictures

We've got more pictures for Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem! Here's a link to them! (I don't know how to get picture URLs from Twitter.) It looks like we have an all-female cast for this game.

Sadly, we don't know the release date yet. All we have is the tentative date of 2016.

Someone on Facebook pointed out that, in the past, the release date generally gets announced two months in advance with pre-orders starting one month before the release date. It'd be nice if they could get the game released in time for the holiday season, but if we don't get a release date by Halloween, that might mean it's not going to be released this year.

Long time fans will remember that they only released one Nancy Drew game a year, when the series was getting started. They began releasing two games a year, starting with Game #7. So far this year, the only game they've released is Nancy Drew: Codes and Clues.

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