Friday, September 9, 2016

Job Result

Bad news, everyone! The IRS decided to classify me in Group B, for the call center job position. They said outright that the job will be offered to everyone in Group A, and if there are any jobs left over after that, they offer the job to people in Group B.

So now I just get to sit and wait and hope enough people turn down the job offer. *sigh* At least I didn't get classified as Group C, which stands for "cut", because they won't get offered jobs, even if Groups A and B die from the plague or something. The IRS will just restart the hiring process again, if that happens.

The good news is that Congress will maybe get their act together this month and pass a budget! (The deadline is the end of September.) That way, the IRS will have actual funding, and they can afford to hire more than the bare minimum staff Woo hoo! My wife says the likelihood of me being hired goes up a lot, if Congress passes a budget. Sadly, I expect that Congress will just put the current budget on repeat, and schedule the next round of budget deliberations after the November election.

The IRS actually sent me the job followup email a while ago, but I didn't get it until just now. My mail system is smart enough to know that IRS emails are usually scams, since they normally don't contact people via email.

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