Sunday, September 18, 2016

Indian in the Cupboard

We watched "Indian in the Cupboard" the other day. It's an okay movie, although I don't think it has a cohesive plot. It's more like a series of smaller stories about Omri and the Indian, loosely put together.

The actors playing the Indian and the Cowboy were both very good, and the special effects for them were great. I'm impressed at how realistic it is! The scenes of Omri picking up the Indian were much better than, say, the scene where Grawp picked up Hermione in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. You don't always need CGI for fancy special effects! It looks just as good if you greenscreen two things together!

Sadly, the worst part of the movie is Omri, the main character. He's not a very good actor. My wife kept making fun of how it looked he wanted to eat the Indian. It's true! His "I'm amazed" face involves having his mouth open wide enough to show all his teeth. He also does a large amount of nostril flaring.

(It should be noted that these shots are all done from below, so the camera is looking up at Omri's face. It's a nice visual which lets us see Omri from the Indian's perspective.)

Overall, I'd say the movie is okay. When I was a kid, my favorite part of the book series was imagining what I'd do, if I had a magic cupboard like that. I'd definitely use it for something other than playing with an Indian, that's for sure. And now that 3D printing is a possibility? Wow! The options are pretty much limitless!

Nerdy possibility: I'd use the cupboard to get the complete works of Julius Caesar. He wrote dozens of books, but only two have survived to this day. Imagine all the lost historical documents we could get with the cupboard!

I'd also use it to get myself some winning lottery numbers. I might be a large rapscallion and get 300 winning tickets for the "set for life" lotteries and send one to every Catholic Bishop in the United States, just to see what would happen next. Of course, it'd probably be impossible to win 300 lotteries without getting arrested.

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