Saturday, September 24, 2016

Games to Record

Here's my current list of games to record. I have all of these games already, and once I finish them all, I'll probably buy more.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbinger
Detective Barbie 3
Captain Warlock
Love Chronicles 2
Agatha Christie Mysteries
Maestro: Dark Talent
Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle
Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret
Spirit of Revenge: Florry's Well
Dark Parables: Swan Princess
Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call
Miles Edgeworth 2, Case 3.
DOS games. Seriously, I have over a gigabyte of files in my DOS folder.

Let's do the same thing we did yesterday! If there are any games you want to see, leave a comment here, and I'll adjust the list accordingly. That way, the more popular games are recorded first.


Mary Alvin said...

Dark parables and Christmas Eve sounds good

Miles of Smiles said...

Detective Barbie 3 and Agatha Christie!

Anonymous said...

Which Agatha Christie mystery? I would like Evil Under the Sun or ABC Murders.

My biggest wish, though, is Scratches. It is an older PC game that is very like Nancy Drew. It is the only game so scary I had to stop playing!

If you have DOS games, I have heard so much about the Monkey Island Games, I would love a walkthrough on them to see what they are all about

Jo said...

Evil Under the Sun and Scratches! :D

Polonaise said...

Any Agatha Christie is great. It looks like they are getting good view numbers, too. Also, Detective Barbie.

Anonymous said...

agatha christie, I'm enjoying them

Anonymous said...

Agatha Christie and Detective Barbie 3, you should also try Secret Agent Barbie which is similar to the detective games

Pip said...

Edgeworth, please.

L said...

Detective Barbie 3! It'd be fun to see you play some of the other Barbie games too. Like Secret Agent Barbie and Mystery Horse Adventure.

Anonymous said...

There's a Detective Barbie 3 game?

Anonymous said...

Echoing more Agatha Christie games and Scratches!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been following your videos (Mainly the Nancy Drew ones) for as long as I can remember. Just wanted to say I visited your YouTube channel after seeing one of the "Everything Wrong With" videos, and noticed that you had done Barbie Detective walkthroughs. I died laughing, I hadn't thought of those games in ages! I'll look forward to Barbie Detective 3 :P