Thursday, September 1, 2016

Five Minutes Late

One problem with Nancy Drew: The Final Scene is that Maya's kidnapping takes place by accident. She enters the room, seconds before the culprit's pre-planned time. If she had been just five minutes late, she would have missed the entire thing.

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Two teenagers were having a minor argument as they walked from the parking garage to the theater.

"I can't believe you made me stop to get some fast food," Maya said. "Now I'm going to be late to the interview!"

"I needed some snacks!" Nancy defended herself.

"What if Brady Armstrong gets tired of waiting and decides to leave? I won't get the interview, and I'll look like an idiot in front of my professor!"

"Calm down," Nancy said. "I'm sure you're not missing anything important."

In the Royal Palladium, caretaker Joseph Hughes was waiting inside the hidden passageway. He checked his watch. 2:29 PM. Almost time for the kidnapping to start.

At precisely 2:30, Joseph's voice was projected through all the speakers in the building. "Testing. Testing. 1 2 3 Testing. Is this thing on? Hello?"

Joseph grinned. Hooking up the tape to the speaker system was a brilliant idea, one that would give him the perfect alibi. He adjusted his ski mask, threw open the secret door and burst into the room. "Brady Armstrong, prepare to--"

No one was there

"Brady?" Joseph asked.

He looked around. The room was empty.

"Well, shoot," Joseph said, scratching his head. "What do I do now?"

Two minutes went by. Three. Joseph grew antsy. Too much time had passed, and his alibi wouldn't work any more. Worse yet, he couldn't reset the tape player and try the kidnapping again. Nicholas would definitely notice if the same tape played twice. Then it'd be goodbye alibi, hello prison.

Joseph sighed. "I guess I'm not cut out to be a kidnapper," he said. He turned around and sadly went back into the hidden passageway.

Outside the room,

"We're doing the interview in the men's dressing room," Maya said.

"Where's that?" Nancy asked.

"I don't know," Maya said. "We'll have to look around for it. Which is why I wanted to get here early."

"All right, already, you can stop complaining about it!" Nancy said. "I'm sure that...hey, isn't that Brady Armstrong? Hey! Brady!"

The actor turned to them, looking surprised. "Oh, hi!" he said. "I'm looking for the men's dressing room. I'm supposed to be doing an interview there."

"That's me!" Maya said. "I mean, I'm the one doing the interview. Maya Nguyen."

"Hi, Maya," Brady said, giving her one of his best smiles. "My agent said the room would be somewhere in the back of the theater. Let's talk while we find it."


Nancy smiled as Maya and Brady walked off together. She knew there was nothing to worry about. Maya had gotten all worked up over nothing!

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