Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steak Rub

I finally found a new cookbook to try out! It used to belong to my aunt. She marked pages with good recipes, but did not mark out which recipes were the good ones. Oops.

First, I tried Peppery Smokehouse Steak Rub, which is fancy because it's steak. I almost never cook steak, because there are over ten kinds, and I can't tell the difference between them. With this meal, I got the steak which doesn't have bones, and which isn't super-expensive.

Oh, yeah, and this is a rub recipe. I didn't know what rubs were, until I started dating my wife, and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I looked like an idiot for having no idea what the menu/waiter meant. Rubs are dry sauce, which you rub into the meat before cooking. Let it stand for 10 minutes or so, in order for the rub to settle into the meat.

So, with 6 steaks, the recommended rub ingredients are...3 tbsp paprika, 2 tbsp pepper, 1 tbsp garlic powder. Also 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp rosemary and 1 tsp thyme.

It ended up tasting fine. I'd say it had too much paprika. Mary didn't like it because it was too spicy. I probably won't cook it again, but hey, now I have a better idea of what rubs are.

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Aaron M. Fugate said...

I used to work at a butcher shop, so maybe I can help you out a bit here. You want to get a steak with bones, first of all. The bones enhance the flavor. I'd recommend a Porterhouse. It's got a delicious filet on one side and the same meat as a T-bone on the other side of the bone. And if you want, you can cut out the bone. If you have to get a boneless cut, try for a sirloin. It's less tender, but it's also cheaper and it'll be fine if you cook it right. Also, try marinating it overnight in the fridge with Worcestershire sauce... and okay, now I'm hungry for steak again...