Thursday, August 4, 2016

Star Trek DS9 #4: The Big Game

I took a break from reading Nancy Drew books to read the fourth Star Trek: Deep Space Nine book. It's kind of amusing to read the books written between the first and second season. There's a lot of early installment weirdness and wrong guesses as to which characters will reappear in the series. (Poor female Klingon villains! Poor Grand Nagus' son! Poor one-shot love interest! None of you will ever be seen again!).

The story is that Quark is holding a big poker tournament, with all the minor Star Trek villains and ne'er-do-wells. The day before the tournament, the lights go out and a player is killed in the darkness. It's up to Constable Odo to solve the murder mystery by going undercover as a poker player, even though he's never played poker before in this life!

The murder mystery is pretty much a non-event. Odo does no real investigation, and the mystery is solved when the culprit pulls out a knife and starts stabbing someone else. There's no way for readers to predict who the culprit is. And here, I was expecting an actual mystery!

There are a lot of other storylines floating around. The female Klingons try to cheat with marked decks. Grand Nagus cheats, by piggybacking off of Quark's hidden camera system. Nog and Jake discover the hidden camera system and almost get caught. Doctor Bashir exists. Garak exists. Dax exists, too.

The other main story is that random energy waves are going off all the time, causing technical problems. No one is sure what is causing the energy waves, and of course, if the situation isn't resolved soon, there's going to be war!

Eventually, it's revealed that the waves are a result of Ghost Riders, who are hunting espiritu in the out of phase universe that coincides with our own. I, um...didn't understand this part. It felt like a big reference to some episode I didn't see,! It was all made up for this book. Anyway, our heroes go out of phase with Romulan cloaking technology and stop the Ghost Riders. Everything goes back to normal. The end.

My score for this book is a 2.5 out of 10. It's a fast read, but the mystery story ends up not being important, and the "mysterious energy attacks" ends up being deadly technobabble. I think the only people who would be amused by the book are hardcore Trekkies, and even they complain that this is the third "Odo solves a murder mystery" book in a row.

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