Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pregnancy Stuff

I got some comments on Thursday about pregnancy stuff, so here's a followup!

Katie is having problems with sleeping, because she naturally moves around while she sleeps. That's fine, normally. When you're pregnant, that means you wake up in the middle of the night and discover half your body is numb. Currently, Katie is using the "create a pillow barrier" method to avoid the problem.

Midwives and doulas are totally different! The woman teaching our childbirth class doubles as both, so that must be where I got confused. The Greek word for midwife is "maia", which doubles as the word for "female doctor" and a nice name for older women, something like "granny". The dictionary says there are instances of this word being used as "foster mother" and "real mother", and this is why languages are difficult.


Katie said...

The pillows should help a lot, but later in the pregnancy (late 3rd trimester), sleep issues are really hard to avoid. That's a rough part of pregnancy. Hope you're enjoying the fun bits!

Anonymous said...

Maybe find out about calcium. I really struggled with sleep issues during pregnancy (and in general ). My obgyn had me take calcium before bed and it helped