Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oregon Trail Romance Collection, Stories 1-3

I read the first three stories in The Oregon Trail Romance Collection. Now I'm less interested in writing a Love on the Oregon Trail game. I don't mean that in a nasty way. It's just that these stories fall into the "Christian fiction" genre, and I'm very unfamiliar with this genre. I'm not sure I could do it justice. I'm not a female or a Protestant, and those seem to be the two major requirements for readers/writers of this genre.

The stories play out like PG soap operas. A male and female character are forced together, due to circumstances beyond their control. They slowly develop feelings for each other, and the story ends with them declaring their love. The story is more about the slow buildup to their romance, than it is about the passionate, whirlwind romance you'd expect from the romance books they have in drug stores.

The Sagebrush Bride by Amanda Cabot. Avice and Raleigh decide to fake-marry each other for a year. She needs to escape an arranged marriage with a bad man, while he needs someone to watch his newborn child. He struggles with getting over the death of his wife, and Avice struggles to repress her feelings for him. I liked this story.

Beckoned Hearts by Melanie Dobson. Widower Molly Goodwin has lost her way, ever since the death of her husband. She helps a man named Payton, when his sister-in-law becomes ill. I couldn't get into this story, and I skipped it after a few chapters.

Shanghaied by the Bride by Pam Hillman. Blake is "kidnapped" by a woman and forced to be part of her wagon's part. It's not really a kidnapping, because her family got the last wagon and he got the last mules, so they'd have to team up, no matter what. The premise played out in a fun way, and the story had a neat supporting cast. I liked it.

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