Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

I'm going to work on my Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Final Scene video this week. Let me know what problems I should include in my video!

I am NOT going to do a review or speedrun at this time, as discussed last month. In my review, I'll probably mention the book. In the book, Bess is kidnapped. In the game, it's a random friend of Nancy's, who has never been mentioned before and who will never be mentioned again. I think they should have kept Bess as the victim in the game. That would have been neat.


Emily said...

The problem that always bugged me about this game was Nancy leaving every night without talking to the police. Why wouldn't she stay and show them the evidence?!

tjbernad said...

Nancy deciding to trust one of her suspects to talk to the police about the Magician's Room.
I always thought it was a little difficult to make the leap to put the gum on the wand and then use that to get the gear but maybe I was just on the struggle.
Does Nancy attend the press conference in the book? It always irked me that you could only listen in in the game.

The Red Wolf said...

I found that they made Nancy more emotional in this game because it was a friend of her that was kidnapped, but then in Ransom of the 7 Ships, when Bess is kidnapped, she wasn't like that at all and she's closer to Bess than Maya.
Like the others said, Nancy would never have trusted a suspect to show The Magician's Room. And how did the kidnapper get past Brady Armstrong's agent? Was she that distracted?
When Nancy has to use the projector to read a slide, I just found that this would tip off the kidnapper that Nancy was in the booth and progressing in her investigation, but maybe that's just me.
You could also mention the game's foreshadowing: her friend was named Maya and then in the next game, Nancy has to help with a Mayan exhibition. And of course, there's the "Samantha Quick" reference.

Can't wait for the video!

Juli said...

Maybe it was different at the time of this game's release, but you do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. If you have serious concerns for the safety and welfare of a person, and their whereabouts are unknown, then you may immediately report them missing to your local police.

Also, can Simone just get a sin for being one of the most callous, apathetic characters in ND history?

Anonymous said...

Samantha Quick comes up again about a dozen or so games from now, but Fancy Jackson has never been mentioned again. That doesn't seem fair.

Why aren't there restrooms anywhere in the theatre?

Why is a police sergeant from the missing persons unit working security on a demolition? How do the police recognize Nancy on sight?

Why doesn't a big-name star like Brady own better clothes? For that matter, why does he wear the same shirt for three days in a row?

How did Brady discover that he was heir to a theatre? Was this before or after he was 'discovered' while selling coney dogs on Sunset Boulevard? Why was he selling coney dogs at 7 am anyway?

Why haven't any of the antique theatre furnishings been cleared out before demolition? There are people who will pay good money for that kinda stuff.

How likely is it that a place called "Ginger's 24-Hour Flowerama" would sell arrangements that cost $300?

Why does Brady exit the building he's about to knock down and leave his bag behind? Surely even he isn't that careless.

Why is there power to turn on the marquee? Is it normal to leave the power running in a building you're about to knock down?

If Brady thought the building was so dangerous, why did he host his premiere there?

2Hyper2Turbo2Typer said...

You could tell everyone not to go to the Magician twice. The second time is unnecessarily creepy.
Why Simone is not more startled when Nancy enters her office.
Why is there a piece of pizza left; its pizza, its too tasty. Also, did Maya eat all the pizza herself? In the same scene there was a shoe there, but I never noticed if Maya had only one on when we see her at the end.
I like all of the spoof posters in the game, but I don't recognize all of them.
Why lighting the marquee makes the demolition stop. If you have only one second left, wouldn't the wrecking ball still be swinging?