Monday, August 29, 2016

Miss Clue Updates

Two updates were made to Miss Clue this week.

#1. The game now has a "restart" feature. You can restart any chapter from the beginning again, which comes in handy if you run into a game-breaking glitch. I've found two such glitches so far, making me think that this game underwent no testing before release.

I'm glad to see they're at least trying to deal with the game's problems. Hopefully, they gave the same feature to the other games in the series. Haunted Garden glitches if you leave the game during the opening cutscene.

#2. They announced the next game in the series, "Trials of Salem". Coming this October, you have to help a woman who's been accused of witchcraft, I know "Miss Clue" is a knock-off of the Nancy Drew series in general, but it's pretty gutsy for them to release a Salem witch game, around the same time that Her Interactive plans to release a Salem witch game. (We don't have an official release date yet.)

If anything, this is giving credence to the idea that Miss Clue is staffed by people who used to work for Her Interactive.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that Her Interactive is posting character art for Midnight in Salem? Hopefully that means it will be released around the same time as "Trials of Salem." *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Gutsy of the Miss Clue folks, maybe, to be releasing a Salem game. I find myself quite appalled by the fact that they are doing so. It seems to me like kind of a slap in the face to Her Interactive.

Anonymous said...

And I don't know how many ex-Her Interactive employees work for Miss Clue at this time, but one ex-Her employee specifically states on Glassdoor that they are now working for Miss Clue.