Saturday, August 6, 2016

Libertarian Town Hall

I decided to watch the Libertarian Town Hall this week, because I don't know anything about the Libertarian who's running for President. I don't like either the Democratic or Republican candidates, so maybe I should try voting for a third party candidate.

The moderator started the town hall event by saying what I was thinking. He said a lot of people are unhappy with the Presidential race this week, because Donald Trump said more awful things, and more skeletons in Hillary Clinton's closet have been revealed. So there's more interest than normal in the third parities.

About ten minutes into the video, I realized I wasn't watching the Libertarian Town Hall from this week. It was one from two months ago. And I got depressed that political scandal from two months ago is not distinguishable from political scandal today. You'd think that the candidates would, I dunno, clean up their acts now that they're under 24/7 media supervision. Apparently not!

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