Friday, August 19, 2016


Katie and I have to change our job situation, in order to pay for our baby.

She works for the IRS, and the United States government doesn't offer paid parental leave. At most, it'll offer a woman twelve weeks of unpaid leave. She can use sick leave to spend more time at home, but that's not paid either. Vacation time is paid time off, but ha ha, vacation time is highly regulated and restricted, so using that isn't really an option.

[Insert angry rant about the government not updating its maternity leave policy since 1993.]

I kind of wish I was the one who was pregnant, not my wife. I mean, I'm the househusband who stays at home all day, kind of. It'd be easier on our finances if I was the one whose work was interrupted by the pregnancy.

Mostly, my jobs are YouTube and the pizza delivery gig. I do other stuff, like this blog and videogame development, but those don't make over $100 a year. And of course, taking care of the dog and 7-year-old doesn't pay at all.

So I need a new job! Maybe another part-time job, like writing videogame walkthroughs for Big Fish Games. I heard that pays pretty well, for a part-time job, but I have no idea how to apply for it. I'd also love ghostwriting Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys books, but they don't accept applications. Darn.

The baby is due in December, so maybe I can get a seasonal job. Are there full-time jobs in the November to February range? Because that way, Katie can take the full twelve weeks off for childbirth, and we'd still have a full-time paycheck coming in.

The worst-case scenario is for me to get a second fast food job, because two part-time fast food jobs, plus YouTube, kind of make enough money as a full-time job. Add the money that we've saved in the new baby fund, and we could make it work! Maybe! Obviously, a high-paying full-time job would be a lot comfier.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

I would contact Big Fish Games and tell them all about your walkthroughts etc this may also help you

Anonymous said...

you can get a job retail, working in a shop from later October to early January for the Xmas season. Also there may be jobs in the christmas tree industry, like logging or sales.

Anonymous said...

maybe you can write reviews and walkthroughs for gamezebo

Anonymous said...

As someone in retail, almost no one gets "full-time", because of what Obamacare did. They'll work you just under full-time hours, so you can still get okay-ish money, but no benefits. Many big-box retailers are hiring NOW for back to school season, and usually again in October for Christmas season. But that's just my retail knowledge, logging seasonal work actually could be something^, or office work, especially helpful since you know some stuff about taxes. Big Fish or any other game walkthroughs are good to check out, but I've also never heard of anyone making full-time money from written walkthroughs. Maybe translating Greek/Latin literature? I know you've done it for the church, but maybe for universities? someone who's doing research that includes greek or latin and you can be a consultant?