Sunday, August 28, 2016

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

One problem I didn't discuss was the kidnapping timeline. The culprit plans to kidnap Brady Armstrong at a very specific time, going so far as to make an alibi and sync it with Simone's arrival at the theater. The problem? Brady isn't there. It seems ridiculous that the culprit puts that much effort into a kidnapping at a specific time, while leaving "time of the victim's arrival" completely up to chance.

You could say that the culprit timed the kidnapping, to coincide with Brady's interview with Maya. But if that's the case, why is the culprit 100% unprepared to deal with Maya's presence? Plus, the game indicates that Brady had no idea about the interview in advance. That's why, when he enters the room and sees Nancy, he has no idea why someone else is there.

In the book, there is no interview. It's just Bess, breaking into Brady Armstrong's dressing room, because he's hot. And by coincidence, she does it around the same time the kidnapper breaks into his dressing room.

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