Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Election Scenario

When I was writing Cat President, I threw in a couple of the weird election scenarios that popped up on the Internet, like "What if one person is secretly funding all candidates?" and "What if the Republican nominee and Democratic nominee are secretly working together?".

(The last one is the bad ending to the Frisky storyline. He falls in love with the female candidate from the other party and picks her as his VP. She picks him as her VP. Now everyone is stuck with both of them no matter what.)

So here's a new election scenario that someone has kicked around. What if neither Trump nor Clinton wins the election? What if they tie at 269 electoral college votes? Or, more likely, what if a third party candidate gets 10% of the vote, which prevents Trump and Clinton from getting the magic number of 270 votes?

This is basically the brokered convention scenario, on a national scale. When that happens, the incoming Congress gets to pick the President. Voting starts with the House of Representatives, I think. The laws covering the "no winning President" scenario--the 20th amendment--were mainly written for the scenario of someone killing the President-elect before they take office, but they apply if no one wins the election, too.


Anonymous said...

Do they have to pick among the candidates or can they go rogue and choose someone totally different?

So say if Green party or Libertarian prevents Trump or Hillary from winning the magic number, will Congress choose between them, or could they choose someone like Bernie or Paul Ryan or someone else?

Also, would Congress choose by secret ballot or by negotiation?

Maybe that would be the best thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Arglefumph!

Today is the day The First Turnabout, the first case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, occurs. The series gives constant month and day explanations before each new scene, in the form of green text, but never a year. The DL-6 file says Gregory Edgeworth was killed on December 28, 2001. Since the game very clearly states the statute of limitations for murder is 15 years, we know the year is 2016! From there, an entire timeline can be established, one you can google very easily.

You are a big contributer for me becoming an Ace Attorney fan. Thank you, and may the Objection`s continue!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Trump and Clinton really are working together (or at least she doesn't know about it) as this article shows: