Saturday, August 13, 2016

Copyright Claim

Weird, possibly bad news today! Someone filed a copyright claim against my Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall videos today. Specifically, the second video of my walkthrough for the game.

The claimant is someone called ARose Games, a channel that played the game two years ago. The channel has posted no videos since. It appears to be a subset of the the more popular Arden Rose channel, which I've never heard of, but it has 1.4 million subscribers. Wow!

It looks like Big Frame, which I assume is her YouTube network, filed the claim on her behalf. I'm 100% sure that they do not own the visual rights to the game.

So, what should I do? File a dispute? Wait a few days and hope it blows over? Try to contact Arden Rose? In the meantime, I'm going to be cautious and make the video private.


Elentarien said...

That is really weird. I'd think if anyone were to make a copyright claim on that, it's be Her Interactive. . .not some random channel. And - game playthroughs are legal - Youtube even has a whole 'interface' for watching them.

I'm really not sure what you should do. Not sure what the procedure is in such a case. Sorry. :(

But I do find that bizarre and probably really irritating.

bug2506 said...

Im not really familiar with copyrights on YouTube but it does seem kinda bogus. I would wait for a couple of days and if it doesn't blow over I would file a dispute but that's just me. I hope you can get it resolved.

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with the copy right stuff I'm so confused because your video came out almost a year before hers so why is your video flagged but hers isn't? Plus she hasn't even used the channel in over 2 years! It's just annoying I hope it blows over

Unknown said...

If I were You I would Try talking to Her Interactive, maybe they will be able to help you out in some sort of a way.
Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest contacting Youtube, now, and possibly the youtuber's network. You did that playthrough within the first week of the game being out, and none of her content is in your video. It's Her Interactive's. Better to start the process, especially with youtube, and just get any nastiness out of the way.

Anonymous said...

they are probably doing it so they eliminate the competition and get all the views. HeR has always supported you, they even post your walkthroughs in their blogs and FB. Maybe you can reach out to LJ or intern Tess or HeR support and ask them for a letter of ok? And THEN contact youtube

Youtube I think has a policy of take down first, and listen later.

Stripes said...

How is this person doing this? I thought the only ones that could do that would be Her Interactive or youtube itself. I'm not familiar with these things. Well, hope you get it resolved in your favour.

2Hyper2Turbo2Typer said...

Talk to Her Interactive, they own the rights to the game so they are the best one to talk to and they also sponsor your videos partially. (I remember there being a link to your channel on their page a while back). Be careful though. YouTube can be mean about those things and they can limit the time of your videos (although you already do that). Who ever that person is sneaky and I will never sub to them. YouTube does have the final say in the matter though, so I would also talk to them. I would avoid talking to the person who filed copyright on you. Obviously they never check the description of your videos either, you give credit to who made the video game. I checked the video that the channel made, the descriptions have no connection to Her Interactive rather than the bottom information about the game. If anything this is worse. Spamming her videos or channel with hate messages will not help everyone who is an Arglefumph fan, all we can do is dislike the channel and videos. I hope this will get fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt talk to them, it gives them more power, talk to youtube. Also they may be doing this as a test, to see if you fight, and if you dont they could do it to all your videos. If you get too many copyright complaints to your channel, you could get banned. When that happens, even if you get reinstated, you lose all your views.

How these take-down notices work: someone files a copyright complaint, youtube automatically processes it (they get too many of these things to do it by hand), then you need to get in touch them and then they will review the process with a human. You may need to research several times before you get a response. If you get HeR to back you up, it will be much easier