Monday, August 15, 2016

Copyright Claim Update

Okay, I have an update on the recent copyright claim! The good news is that it was removed, with absolutely no effort on my part.

(I probably would have done something, but I didn't have Internet access yesterday.)

The bad news is that the exact same people slapped a copyright claim against my Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall video, from the 2014 Mega Marathon. Again, they're claiming the visual content from an early part of the game. Since "wait a few days and see if anything changed" worked last time, I'll try it again!

UPDATE: The copyright claim disappeared! Great! I wonder if making the videos private for a while did something to reset the copyright claims...


Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear it! I know Youtube robots overcompensate on marking things as possibly copyrighted, and then what maybe happened was someone from the youtuber's network actually looked at your videos and saw there was no ill will involved. also probably that you made then private too.

2Hyper2Turbo2Typer said...

Maybe you can block the channel from looking at your channel.