Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cat President

My new game, Cat President: A More Purrfect Union, is available for purchase! I hope you buy it and enjoy it! This is the game I spent all of November writing!

It's a parody of typical dating sims, specifically, the ones made by Voltage. I played several of their games, and it didn't take me long to realize that there are some personality types that are reused in every game. These include the pervert, the angry man who insults the heroine all the time, the nice guy, and the young guy. There are also storylines that get reused every game, like the tragic backstory, the romantic rival, the guy getting sick and revealing his innermost feelings, and the woman who gets super-close to your love interest, which causes you no end of romantic angst, until it's revealed that she is his relative, not his girlfriend.

I realized that there is a lot of crossover potential between these generic personalities and the people running for President. Like, you had the angry insulting candidate, the nice guy candidate, and the young guy candidate. So I put "Presidential candidates" together with "dating sim", and it worked amazingly well! You try to manage a Presidential campaign, while having romantic misadventures. It's not too unusual for the dating sim genre to dabble in politics, seeing as there are "date a prince" and "you're the prime minister's daughter" dating sims.

The game is also a vague parody of Internet humor, because it's got a lot of cat pictures, random song quotations, weird political conspiracies and puns. Mostly, if I found something weird/interesting on the Internet while writing the game, I tried to work it into the story. For example, there is a shady villain who controls the election from behind the scenes, the viral video of someone scaring cats with a cucumber, and others.

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National November Writing Month is coming back again soon. Are you planning on participating in it again?